Wk1-Artist Interview – Abdul Mazid

Some artist are motived by their cynical beliefs and portray them through their creations. For example, Abdul Mazid attempts to exemplify that in this “free world” we are not necessarily independent from influences that surround us. Constantly, Mazid seems to create work that shows how we, and people around us, are greatly effected in the way we think, act, and go about our daily lives. His goal is to have everyday people start examining what influences them and their actions. He is able to do so in carefully deciding what materials he using in his artwork and what they represent. Mazid carefully choses his materials not just in symbolism, rather also the history behind the items and how it came about. Along with picking the components that make up his work, Mazid wants to contradict some items with others by adding opposites in his work. This causes “controversy” and makes the viewer think critically about what they are looking at, and hopefully deeper into their thoughts and how it applies to their lives.

In his artwork titled, Celestial Bodies, it is a round shape made out of baseball cards with well-known athletes on the cards. When I observed the art work, I thought of the round shape symbolizing the world. Since the “world” is made up of baseball cards, it made me think baseball “makes the world go round.” Mazid must believe that baseball highly dominates the daily lives of many people around the world, to a certain degree I concur. This must bring up the idea that baseball highly motives everyday people and can “control” their lives.





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