W2- Activity – Instagram

Sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful times to take photos. One morning, arriving to school very early, I found myself wondering around campus until my first class was going to start. Walking down the stairs to lower campus, I noticed how green CSULB’s campus is. It’s a beautiful scene all day. Yet when I saw this view, with the sun shining right behind the tree, I took the opportunity to capture the scene.
I have always loved nature and the cliche nature pictures posted everywhere. I think it’s beautiful on it’s own and its only accessory is the sun. That, I believe, is the greatest accessory nature has. The sun enhancing the beauty of everything below it.
Other posts seem to show other students leisure time, something that I don’t have much of. I noticed people seem to spend much time at home, school, or traveling. I feel I’m always “on the move,” I finish school and go straight to work, then I’m finally able to go home. I’m out of my house for about twelve hours a day, others seem to have the opportunity to send some time to get to know the CSULB campus.




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