Wk 2 – Artist Interview – Megan Mueller

     At first glance, I admired Mueller’s Infinity Ongoing due to her scenery in the photo. I love photography of the beach, lakes, and other natural scenes. Yet, there is much more to her beautiful photography other than just a pretty picture. Doing more research on the artist, she focuses on combining mankind and human nature. Mueller believes it can be a beautiful thing. Her connection is made and creates a harmonious and gentle connection between the two, unlike many other artist who associate man made objects with destruction and horrid things. That is when I looked at her photo through different glasses. 

     It no longer looked like a paper in the middle of the beach. I believe the paper was suppose to be a man made representation of the beach. The page consisted of a sandy texture while having a random blue shaped figure to represent the sand and water. The blue figure, I thought, was to be a tide washing in from the ocean. The end of the “tide” connects to the beginning of the ocean that is seen in the photo. Mueller also suggest that these object that are artificial to nature still desire to become one. This is why the end of the “tide” reaches the beginning of the ocean, it wants to fasten itself to the ongoing and never ending beauty of nature. Mueller also places emphasis on the “infinite” idea, she describes her work similar to infinity pools. They have the illusion of being never-ending, and her work seems to portray that same idea.




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