Wk 2 – Classmate Interview – Yiwen Lu

    This week I met Yiwen Lu, she seems more outgoing and spontaneous than I am. Yiwen was found admiring Artists in Residents Project: Dollar Tree, in Fullerton, Ca, by Jennifer Frias and Christina Lee. She describes it as an artwork that “not only looks nice” but “is not too complicated or hard to understand.” Yiwen was attracted to the whole pure blue color, she caught herself just staring at the art work for nearly an entire minute. The clear blue boxes, blue dishes, blue bottles, and blue goblets caught her attention and how it was creatively put together. What put her in even more awe was how it was all placed neatly on shelves at the Dollar Tree store.

    She realized the two artist used very fragile items that would have easily caused a huge mess if fallen. The unstable items chosen, the artist describe, are symbols of items that are “unpredictable and uncontrollable.” The artists also try to ensure that the materials used are bland and boring, this adds to their purpose and effort to make a statement out of everyday and ordinary things.




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