First walking into the art gallery, I was very confused. The first thing I saw was what looked like a giant pile of compressed dirt molded into a random shape (second photo). Then looking to my left, I looked at what seemed to be more dirt in different shapes. After talking with artist Patricia Rangel, it made a little more sense. She explained how the shapes represent landscapes and are maps. She told us that the wall art was a map of her small hometown and others are of a cemetery. In one of her works, she describes how within her map of the cemetery, she has a gold link that represents someone, who she once knew, is buried there.

Her reasoning didn’t make much sense to me, I believed her work was fairly random, but she takes it to heart. What I did think was cool was how she takes the dirt from the actual place that it represents. As well, how she puts it together herself. I would think she has much patience to be doing the kind of work she does, because I surely don’t. One thing I did get and fully understand was how she take pride in her roots and where she comes from. Her art works represent people and places that she feels are significant to her life and have made an impact in some way.



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