Awkwardly waiting for class to start and to be given instructions, I hear someone greet me from behind. It was Ariadna, who also goes by Ari. She asked me to interview me for the assignment and I agreed. It wasn’t really awkward at all. I find out that Ariadna sails on a similar boat that I do. She is a light skin colored eyed Hispanic that is constantly mistaken for another race, I share that same issue. People always assume we aren’t Mexican due to our skin and eye color. We have also come to find out that our parents’ hometown in Mexico are near each other. We both learned that we love to visit Mexico and experience all the annual traditions that occur.

She is also local, she grew up in Long Beach her whole life, and still does not live very far from it. Graduating from St. Joseph’s high school three years ago, she carried on her education at Long Beach State, obviously. I learned she isn’t the biggest fan of math, especially Calculs; which on the other hand, I am. She shared with me how important it is to be involved in school. During her first year, she was in my shoes, she would go to school, work, homework and repeat each day. Ariadna describe to be that it became a boring and tiring routine, which is where I am getting to. Joining clubs and staying involved in school was the advice she gave me so I wouldn’t become bored. She warned me that if I don’t do it sooner, I will regret it later. It was a pleasure to meet Ariadna this week, she made me feel a little more comfortable after I was awkwardly waiting for class to start.

Ariadna Rivera :


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