Art is typically subjective. The artist will interpret their thoughts and emotions into material things. That is when art is born. Yet, Maccabee Shelley does the complete opposite, he does not want a specific meaning or purpose to his art. He wants you to deeply think about what his work means to you. Shelley wants to, “Leave it open to have your own emotions instead of my own.” When people come upon his work, they wonder what it means and where it comes from, there is no specific place where it has a foundation. That is when he wants you to “create a world where my art exist, that excites me more than anything.” None of his art works have a title, that leaves it completely open to interpretation. Shelley explained how he wants someone to “look at my work without knowing what it is” because he wants you to make up your own story about how the art work came out and where it comes from. He loves when people deeply ponder about the meaning and purpose of his sculpting. Many other art works are looked at and do not make sense until you read the artist description and title of the work. After you discover the meaning, the work will disinterest you, that is what Shelley wants to avoid. Although his art’s purpose is completely subject to all the observers’ eyes, he does mention that every piece has its own cultural history. “The glass is very mysterious, fascinating, magical, gorgeous, dangerous, scary.” After working with ceramics for many years, he found glass to be amazingly interesting. He began by playing around with different shapes and became greatly inspired with what it became.

Walking through galleries, I usually become very confused and remember why I am not the biggest fan of art. I always thought it was weird if it wasn’t a “normal” painting. yet, this week was different, I enjoyed exploring Maccabee Shelley’s art. It was different to me, and I believe it has much to do with how he does not title or give an exact explanation of what his art is. Many of his works did remind me of the ocean though, how the colors mixed and it looks like a frozen splash. Immediately I thought it would be something you find at the bottom of the ocean. One that specifically caught my attention was pictures number three and four. I have always been the biggest fan of The Little Mermaid and it reminds me of a specific scene: That may be why I loved his art work so much because of how much I love The Little Mermaid. All in all, I really enjoyed the art gallery from this week.



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