Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Freddy Varela

Wondering around the art galleries, looking for a new classmate to interview, I felt so lost. I decided to do the artist interview first, then going into the second art gallery, a stranger walked up to me asking me if I had done a classmate interview. Relieved that I could finish my homework, we became partners. I learned this stranger’s name was Freddy Varela who is a third-year CSULB student. Varela hopes to graduate with a major in Recreational Therapy, although he did come into Cal State Long Beach as an engineering major. He explained how engineering wasn’t exactly what he thought it would be, he described it as hard and boring. Working on weekends, Varela still manages to take thirteen units and is near finishing his Bachelors Degree. Yet, he does not plan to continue on to Graduate school. I also discovered Varela is a local who commutes to school, like me. Yet, he graduated from an averaged sized high school in 2012 that is down the street from Long Beach State, Millikan. He is the youngest of his older sister and older brother, as well as the second to attend college. Unlike me, he loves to watch and play basketball and soccer.

Freddy Varela



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