Many are taught not to judge a book by its cover. As well, many are told to expect the unexpected. When people get a first glance at me, they usually think one of two things: I’m very kind, timid, and shy; or I’m very outspoken, sassy, and full of attitude. Either options are fairly accurate, depending what kind of day it is for me. Yet, one thing people usually see is that I’m typically they little girly girl who loves pink, heels and many accessories. That’s only half true.
When I decided to do this, I decided to see how people would see me if I dressed up in Angel gear. Walking out into a sports store, people didn’t really believe I was an actually fan. Probably because my jersey was pink, and the team was recently declared the American League West Division Champs. They thought I was just joining in the hype. In reality, I tried something a little different because I wanted to see if people would believe if I really was an actually fan that keeps up with the team and knows more than the average girl who buys an Angels Baseball shirt from the Pink store. Of course, that failed. When I’m able to name players, describe the rules of the game, tell you the standings and stats of the game, then people believe me. But hey, things aren’t always what they seem.

What I bought after my trip in the store.


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