Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis

“How random,” I first thought walking into a gallery room seeing torn, dirty, and old clothing and rugs hanging on the wall. I couldn’t exactly figure out what was art about it. When I looked to my left right across the hanging garments, I see black and white cut out photos. It looked like an abandoned or destroyed campsite. On the floor, there was what looked like pieces of some dirty and ripped foam material. When I put the whole room together, it was art itself. It looked to me like some crime scene. The whole room was put together in a specific order, the photos are what intrigued me the most. It looked like there was some secret hidden behind them and I couldn’t necessarily figure out what was cut out from them. The garments looked like they were apart of and taken from the campsite itself.

From his statement one can assume that this was a place he knew about and personally visited himself. It represents him and where he comes from. It’s usual for an artist to physically portray where they come from and who they are through their art. Others simply represent what they believe in and things they imagine, and that is not necessarily what their story is. This room really caught my attention and I wonder what the real story is behind his recreation of this campsite.



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