The first gallery I walked into was the one that caught my attention the most. Sculptures are also more interesting to me than paintings and other forms of art. Angel Franco is like a previous artist I was able to interview in week four, Maccabee Shelly. They both do not necessarily have a deep meaning to their art. Franco also wants his viewers to observe his art work and “figure it out” or interpret it in their own way. His snow sculpture, made out of foam, had a body lying in the middle of the snow. The body created is nearly the same size as the artist’s, but falls short three inches.

It really intriguing when art works do not have titles or deep meanings. They give the observer a lot of room to be able to use their imagination endlessly. This art piece made me immediately think “how sad.” It looks like a person crawled up in a feeble position, they look vulnerable and stuck all alone in the snow. You wonder how he got there and where he came from. Why is he stuck there? These questions appeared to me and that is where the artist leaves room to use your imagination. They do put in much of themselves in their own and interesting ways, like the size of his body in this case. I really enjoyed another artist like Maccabee Shelly who gives their viewers more a chance to use their imagination.


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