Wk 6 – Classmate Interview – Oscar Rocha

Walking into one of the galleries, I was approached by third-year college student, Oscar Rocha. He was very kind and helpful. I learned some interesting things about him, he came in as a Criminal Justice major, but decided to switch to Sociology. He explained how he saw Criminal Justice as a “dead end” major. Sociology is much more interesting to him and he loves learning how and why society functions the way it does. Yet, alongside his degree in Sociology, he decided when he started his junior year to minor in Marketing, something that he finds interesting as well. Graduating from Huntington Park High School, Rocha moved away and later on joined a fraternity. Currently he lives in the fraternity home since home is fairly far from school.

Talking with Mr. Rocha I learned that his parents, like mine, are from Mexico. Although they are not from the same state as mine, they are from a neighboring one, Guanajuato. He, like me, is bilingual, we both speak Spanish at home. He has an older twenty-four year old brother who is a barber. They both share the skill of cutting hair, on the other hand, he has a younger sister who is also a first-year college student. Rocha is very proud of his little sister who is currently a student at University of California, Los Angeles. (UCLA)

Oscar Rocha was a very kind and a gentlemen. I’m glad I got to meet a very nice person this week and I hope all goes well for him in school!


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