Puzzled by one of the art pieces. I walked up to the only person in the room and asked what was up with the tent looking thing. Minyon politely explained to me that you walking inside to see the actual sculpture. Surprisingly, it was pretty interesting walking into it. Talking with her I found out that she is from five hours up north of California. That surprised me, she really did move away from home, I think she is brave for being a first year and making that huge step. So for the next two semesters at least, she is calling Los Cerritos home. I learned that we had something in common, she is pursuing a degree in Business, specifically Finance. I am also looking for a degree in business, yet I am not exactly sure specifically in what field. When I asked her about any sports she did in high school, she mentioned she has been in cheer for seven years. Truthfully, I was a little shocked because she seems like a more quiet and timid girl. But looks are deceiving, I know cheer leaders are supposed to be loud and super energetic, yet she seemed calm. Another thing we had in common was YEARBOOK. Yearbook was life to me in high school, it is cool meeting someone who understood my struggles and pride of being involved in yearbook. Minyon also told me about her cover was chosen for the school yearbook last year! That’s great! I actually do not think I congratulated her… opps. But that’s a job well done. High school yearbook can get pretty intense, but we both are “Yerd” (Yearbook Nerd) survivors.


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