Plain hanging curtains would not exactly be in the category that I consider art. Confused, I was not sure what was going on, or what was the purpose of the hanging sheets. It wasn’ t until I saw people coming out of the little tent that I realize the art work was inside. I felt a little dumb, but better late than never. Walking inside, I had no idea what to expect. I see a little sculpture/alter-looking piece filled and surrounded with lit candles. Yet there was another tombstone-looking sculpture behind it and all around also. It seemed like a sanctuary. The only thing  that lit up the area were actual candles themselves. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but it was very calm and peaceful. The statues were a representation, but when I see candles it gives off a relaxation vibe to them. For some reason the many many candles intrigued me.The whole set up did remind me of some kind of memorial. It seem like that statues were more like alters representing someone. My guess was somewhat in the ball park of what Kenita Hale was trying to portray with her sculpture, “The After Party.”

It turns out the things the candles surrounded are alters and faces made out of clay and bronze. They are her representations of real people who were once circus performers, these people were greatly mistreated. She goes on to explain each face on the alter is different and are tributes to real people who people though of as freak shows. It seemed to break Hale’s heart that their deformities greatly contributed to them being mistreated. Yet, being born with a disease, incapability or something uncommon is not in their hands; they have no control over these things. In representation of their disfigurations, she used burl wood. Hale explains how it looks like a disease on trees. When created her piece, she did research and paid tribute to whoever’s story touched her the most. Along with the face sculptings, she printed out cards with the stories behind each face, or person. Hale went into deep meaning with her artwork because how she realized theses circus performers are human also. They have feelings and bleed red like everyone else. I am still not exactly sure why it is called the after party, but her sculpture was very interesting and caught my attention the most.


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