Art is a complex thing to understand. I used to think people would spray paint just to tag, or “mark their territory.” Yet, it is art also. It is just a different type of art that people are not used to seeing. There are specific groups of people that did give the art of spray painting a bad reputation. Although I did not get a chance to necessarily visit Venice beach this weekend, I know about the interesting art work that is created there. I remember seeing the art wall filled with many different pieces of art, it amazes me. When I tried to spray paint my name, it was hard. My hand is not as steady and it really does take an entire skill for it to be completed “the right way.” When I got the chance to do it myself, I wondered how people have the patience, skill, and are able to envision exactly what they are going to paint.

Walking through art galleries is intriguing because everything was made by hand. Art, specifically any form of painting, is the more interesting to me because it is all made by the movements and strokes of the hand. Someone has to know exactly where and what color to paint on the canvas in order for the picture in their head to come to life. I think that is what catches my attention the most, when it is just a thought, picture, or vision in someone’s mind and it comes to life with their bare hands. Because if anyone could transfer their thoughts and visions onto a canvas effortlessly, everyone would do it. I usually do not appreciate paintings as much because I always thought of it as just a picture, but this project made me think otherwise. It wasn’t until I had to actually spray paint and attempted to do a good job that I realized  how difficult it actually is. I give props to all the artist who do made beautiful things with their own two hands, it is amazing.


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