I am the type of girl that has to be kept busy, if not I tend to get bored very easily. Walking through the galleries, I literally walked through and past many art works that I am sure took hours to put together. Yet, I was not intrigued at all. It wasn’t until I came across Christopher Michael Linquata’s paintings that I finally stopped. It had so much color and looked very realistic to me. I am not sure what exactly caught my attention the most first. It’s a casual but very colorful painting that I am also took many many hours to start and finish. Of his three paintings I found this one the most interesting because there isn’t much to figure out. It’s so casual and looks like a photo of two random men sitting around and waiting for something. Those are the types of works that catch my attention the most. “What did the artist intend, there has to be more meaning that it just being so straight forward,” I thought. I wish I was able to ask what exactly he painted this picture for. It’s beautiful because of its colors and how vivid it is. The painting makes me think more of the artist train of though rather than how long it took to create the piece itself. I wonder if these two men were real people or just a figure of his imagination. How did he decide the colors and do they reflect in some way of the feelings of the artist, or maybe the two men. Just this simple vivid painting brought up so many questions, but all in all, it is very beautiful.


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