Meeting other first year students is always a pleasure. This has to be one of the activities I enjoy more because I does force me to get to know new people. Reaching out of my comfort zone, I met Alonza Urita, obviously a first-year CSULB student. He is one of the few guys I know that played volleyball in high school. Which I should have seen coming because he is pretty tall, or I’m just really short.. Alonzo shared how he is from South Gate, my first thought was about how far it was. He explained how it is pretty close and how where he lives it borders with Long Beach. Therefore, since it is fairly close, he does commute everyday. Which does not give us both a chance to get very involved with school, although he does plan to join a fraternity next year.

Alonzo shared that he is undeclared, but is going to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. At first he thought he wanted to receive a  degree in Graphic Design, but he thought it through. I believe, if I didn’t misinterpret him, he wanted to get a degree in something that will be able to give him a more secure and promising career. Since Graphic Design is not necessarily in demand, he decided to pursue Mechanical Engineering. In this situation, I was able to relate to him because, as much as I love film and photography, it is not in demand. Switching my major, I also want something that will give me more security for my future. Alonzo was a pleasure to meet!


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