Marguerite Freed, Yee Li, and Sophia Dao’s pantings all caught my attention. One of the biggest paintings that was in the gallery grabbed my attention the most because of the color. It had different shades of red and looked like an overall magenta to me. Magenta is one of my favorite colors, it’s even the color of my room. I wasn’t sure what to think at first, or at all. It just looked cool to me and I liked the colors. I took pictures of the two that looked similar in color.

After reading her statement, I do come to realize that the paintings to bring some kind of anxious and disruptive feelings. The paintings look like “everywhere” and make you feel a bit nervous and looks like there are many things going on. Honestly, I just liked the colors of the painting and that is why I chose it. It wasn’t as interesting as the other painting of sculpture that i have seen. The ones that are open to interpretation are the ones that always seem to make me think more. Because as soon as I know what the creator intended, it is no longer intriguing.


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