This week I met the lovely Bryanna Duckwits. She initiated the conversation and interview when she asked me if I was in the Art 110 class. My first impression was that she was at least a second year for some reason. Yet, she is a first-year like me also. At first she thought she wanted to major in Kinesiology, but changed her mind like many students. She is now pursuing a career in social work. When she realized how much science was involved in trying to pursue a degree in Kin, that is when she decided to major in something else.

Bryanna told me about her high school experience and we shared some things in common. We both used to live at school. I lived at Artesia high while she lived at Santiago High School. She told me about her experience being involved in ASB, the Hip-Hop dance team and being apart of the sports medicine club at school. That is when she thought she wanted to continue on in some sort of medical and sports field. She seemed to be constantly busy and always running around from one activity to another, and I was able to empathize with her. We were both actively involved with school, but still enjoyed our time.

Now we share the chance of being able to experience the adventures that Long Beach has to offer. Along I live at home, Bryanna was able to leave her Anaheim home and dorm at the Beach. I’m jealous she was able to dorm! She always shared with me that she has two older sister, one older brother, and two younger sisters. She has a big family but I think that’s pretty cool. She also shared how she is spontaneous and I believe her. She gave me the impression that she is a fun and outgoing person that doesn’t say no to adventure. It was nice meeting her this week!


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