Wk 13- Artist Interview – Marie Thibeault

The very first gallery caught my attention. It looked like the painting of a sunset, yet I wasn’t sure if they artist intended it for it to be the sun or the moon. The bright color looked like pink to me. In person the picture looked like it was glowing. I was very appealing to me. The color caught my attention and everything around it stood out to me even more because the colors were so dark. The painting was very vivid. On the other hand, the colors of all the cubes caught my attention also. All the pink and oranges caught my attention. I seemed to notice I am most attracted to paintings that have pink or are very bright and colorful. Although some paintings seemed to be very dark, there are always at least figures within it that stand out because of their color. Maybe it is because the artist wants to emphasize something, they simply liked the color, or it just turned out that way. This gallery was the one that caught my attention the most. Some paintings were very odd and dull to me, but I decided to take pictures of the colorful ones. The last one that drew me in also was the picture of someone falling out an airplane. There are many surrounding planes, but this was pretty gruesome to me. I don’t know exactly what it was suppose to mean but then again it did have many shades of pink and that may be why it drew me in.

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Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Steven Lozano

Meetin Steven Lozano was very interesting. He right away came off as a really confident person. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think, but he seems like a very nice guy. I didn’t think Steven was a first-year, but we both are. We are also both pursing a degree in Business. He already knowns, unlike me, what he wants to major in for sure, Business Management. Yet, Steven did express that he isn’t the biggest fan of his class of Business Calculus. Setting aside his major, he has already decided that he wants to minor in art.

He hopes to continue and try to open his own business. He actually attempted a kickstarted called Black and White Industries, that sells his designs. Lozano mentioned how he loves to listen to all types of music, but favors the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk. I found this pretty odd since they are two completely different types of genres. His favorite color is actually a color I used to strongly hate, a forest green. Now I just tolerate it. He also expressed his loves for animals and how he has two dogs and one turtle. When his turtle passed he actually held a whole funeral in its memory. Lozano runs for fun, and enjoys visiting Disneyland every Friday and Thursday with his pass.

Wk 12 – EC

My favorite three activities from this semester were from weeks eight, ten and twelve. The ePortfolio, Photography and Teach One activities all revolved around the same idea for me, Photography. In my ePortfolio activity, I centered my website around my photography and tried to emphasized how important it is to me. Obviously, my photography assignment was when I was able to do an assignment without dreading it because of how much I love taking photos. Lastly, my Teach One activity was the chance for me to share photography with my brother, and I think he excelled. Photography is a great, clean and simple way for me to be creative since I have never been very artisy with my hand for things like drawing and painting.

Weeks four, six, and seven were not exactly my hottest weeks. These involved sculptures, drawings and paintings. Like I mentioned before, actually using my hands, that type of art is not exactly in my talent category. I am not very good at transferring an image to my hand and onto a paper, canvas or sculpture. I would like to think I am better at transferring my mental images through a lens. They were not my most favorite assignments, yet it was pretty cool to see what other people came up with and to see how they are gifted in those areas.

In all honesty, my favorite part about the class was how I did not need a textbook. What made it even better was all the interaction within students. Going out and doing different assignments was pretty cool also. I would not be sure what I would improve about the class, I personally enjoyed it.

Wk 12 – Classmate Interview – Marlyn Castillo

I could not even imagine driving forty-five minutes just to get to class each day. I hardly handle the fifteen minute drive from home to Long Beach. Marlyn Castillo, who I got the chance to interview, has to drive, what seems to me, are long drives to school. She is a second-year student and was undeclared, at a time interested in nursing and now is pursuing a career in social work. Asking her what influenced her to go after a career in social work, it was obviously the kids. She explain how she loves to deal with children. Yet, before decided on a major, she also had to decide on a school to attend. Graduating from Huntington Park High School, Marlyn explain how she was accepted into UC Riverside, yet it was too far and she didn’t want to dorm. I couldn’t even imagine the commute she would have from her home in Huntington Park all the way to Riverside each day, or even twice a week. She spends most of her day at school, from eight in the morning to about four in the afternoon.

Other than living in Huntington Park, Marlyn shared how she has three sisters. Two older ones at the age of twenty-eight and twenty, and a younger one at the age of seven. It was nice to meet Marlyn, she was very sweet and kind!

Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Timothy Cooper

Walking into the first gallery, I was immediately drawn into the giant piece put together that was laid out across the floor. Plates. White, glossy and fragile plates were carefully places across the floor of the gallery. The first thing I thought was “X marks the spot,” but going around it you can also view it as a cross. It depends on the angle and mentality at which you decide to look at the piece with. For some reason the plates really drew me in. The lighting also casted shadows beneath the plates which gave it a more intense look. In my picture, the plates look a little like they were floating, but again it’s just the shadows. I thought it was pretty cool something as random as plates could be made into art.

I could not exactly decipher or understand what they piece was supposed to represent. Honestly to me, it looked cool and that is why I picked this piece. Yet, looking more and more at the work, I started to think about the many different types of food that could be placed on each plate. How the colors of the food could add something else to the art work, or how the different types of food could had a cultural meaning to the artwork. Then again, I was fairly hungry by the time class started. All in all, the piece was interesting to look at and the lighting made it look even better.

Wk12 – Activity – Teach One

This week I decided to teach someone how to do what I love the most, take pictures. Photography is a great way to portray creativity. There is only so much one can do to be creative through a lens, you would think. My youngest brother who I spend much time with was my little student for this week. Through him, I actually learned a few things myself. Angles, colors and even items you snap pictures of says a lot about your creativity. Photography requires a very open mindset and willingness to “go to extremes” to capture the exact shot you seen in your head. It is much more difficult to transfer and idea from your head, through a lens, and onto a photo. My brother seem to learn that this week, but surprisingly did not have too much trouble with it. I am very impressed with the photos he came back with from this week.

There is not much I can say about my brother’s photography, except that it speaks for itself. I personally think he did a very good job.

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Wk 10- Activity – When I’m Gone

Death is inevitable. This particular assignment was very difficult for me to imagine. I would never want to picture myself leaving this world behind. My family is my life. Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of losing one of my closest family members, my grandfather J. Jesus Macías Nuñez. Death never became more real to me. It was then how I realized there is absolutely no escape to it. I’m not scared to die, but I do wish to leave behind something for my close family and friends to cherish. Like I said, I don’t fear death, but I do wish it came with a warning sign and time for me to make my last arrangements here on earth. Death is too real to me and I did not want to put myself in a situation of actually have to picture myself departing.

For this particular assignment, I could not bring myself to actually do a landscape with a corpse, rather I took photos of what I would want people to do after my passing. My grandfather’s funeral made me realize what a great life he lived. Over 600 cars (literally) arrived to the cemetery to keep my family and I company during one of the most difficult time of our lives. Below my cousin and I are shown sitting next to our grandpa, and you can see not even half of the people that showed up to his burial.


When I pass, I want just as many to show up to my funeral. Yet I know for that to happen, I need to be just as great as he was. He was a great man with a huge heart. He always feared death, but it hit him blindly and did not experience any pain. He is missed dearly.

Some people will cry, be in shock, or maybe even smile that I am gone. I wanted family and those who I loved dearly to come visit me, talk to me, and remember me. Yes, it is selfish, but I just want them to remember I will always be with them. Just like my grandpa is always with me.


For my assignment this week, I decided to photograph the way I would want people to gather in my memory. I want everyone to hold each other closely and I remember I’m not going anywhere. I am just on the other side waiting for them, but watching them every step of their way. If there is a party that they were suppose to host, go on! Don’t cancel the party, they shouldn’t put their lives on pause, because for sure the rest of the world will continue on. They shouldn’t fall behind because of me, I want them to push harder and move forward faster than ever. I want my family to grow even tighter and grow bonds that can not be broken. I don’t want people to look at the sky and say she’s up there watching me. I want people to look next to them and around them because I promised I won’t be far. I want people to continue on in their everyday lives, not because they have moved on and forgotten, but because they have adjusted to the situation. I want everyone to pray for each other and anyone I left behind. Hopefully I’m not being too selfish if I asked them to celebrate my birthday each year, but hopefully they do! I want to talk to them in their dreams if they have in questions for me, just like my grandpa talks to us in ours. For the billions of people that will never meet me, I am just another fallen person without significance to them, and that’s okay. For my family and friends that care, their world may fall apart for a little. I want them to cry all they need to, but not forever, that would break my heart if they couldn’t go on. The last thing I would want to tell everyone is I love them and I’m only a dream away.