Walking into the first gallery, I was immediately drawn into the giant piece put together that was laid out across the floor. Plates. White, glossy and fragile plates were carefully places across the floor of the gallery. The first thing I thought was “X marks the spot,” but going around it you can also view it as a cross. It depends on the angle and mentality at which you decide to look at the piece with. For some reason the plates really drew me in. The lighting also casted shadows beneath the plates which gave it a more intense look. In my picture, the plates look a little like they were floating, but again it’s just the shadows. I thought it was pretty cool something as random as plates could be made into art.

I could not exactly decipher or understand what they piece was supposed to represent. Honestly to me, it looked cool and that is why I picked this piece. Yet, looking more and more at the work, I started to think about the many different types of food that could be placed on each plate. How the colors of the food could add something else to the art work, or how the different types of food could had a cultural meaning to the artwork. Then again, I was fairly hungry by the time class started. All in all, the piece was interesting to look at and the lighting made it look even better.


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