I could not even imagine driving forty-five minutes just to get to class each day. I hardly handle the fifteen minute drive from home to Long Beach. Marlyn Castillo, who I got the chance to interview, has to drive, what seems to me, are long drives to school. She is a second-year student and was undeclared, at a time interested in nursing and now is pursuing a career in social work. Asking her what influenced her to go after a career in social work, it was obviously the kids. She explain how she loves to deal with children. Yet, before decided on a major, she also had to decide on a school to attend. Graduating from Huntington Park High School, Marlyn explain how she was accepted into UC Riverside, yet it was too far and she didn’t want to dorm. I couldn’t even imagine the commute she would have from her home in Huntington Park all the way to Riverside each day, or even twice a week. She spends most of her day at school, from eight in the morning to about four in the afternoon.

Other than living in Huntington Park, Marlyn shared how she has three sisters. Two older ones at the age of twenty-eight and twenty, and a younger one at the age of seven. It was nice to meet Marlyn, she was very sweet and kind!


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