This week I decided to teach someone how to do what I love the most, take pictures. Photography is a great way to portray creativity. There is only so much one can do to be creative through a lens, you would think. My youngest brother who I spend much time with was my little student for this week. Through him, I actually learned a few things myself. Angles, colors and even items you snap pictures of says a lot about your creativity. Photography requires a very open mindset and willingness to “go to extremes” to capture the exact shot you seen in your head. It is much more difficult to transfer and idea from your head, through a lens, and onto a photo. My brother seem to learn that this week, but surprisingly did not have too much trouble with it. I am very impressed with the photos he came back with from this week.

There is not much I can say about my brother’s photography, except that it speaks for itself. I personally think he did a very good job.

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