Wk 12 – EC

My favorite three activities from this semester were from weeks eight, ten and twelve. The ePortfolio, Photography and Teach One activities all revolved around the same idea for me, Photography. In my ePortfolio activity, I centered my website around my photography and tried to emphasized how important it is to me. Obviously, my photography assignment was when I was able to do an assignment without dreading it because of how much I love taking photos. Lastly, my Teach One activity was the chance for me to share photography with my brother, and I think he excelled. Photography is a great, clean and simple way for me to be creative since I have never been very artisy with my hand for things like drawing and painting.

Weeks four, six, and seven were not exactly my hottest weeks. These involved sculptures, drawings and paintings. Like I mentioned before, actually using my hands, that type of art is not exactly in my talent category. I am not very good at transferring an image to my hand and onto a paper, canvas or sculpture. I would like to think I am better at transferring my mental images through a lens. They were not my most favorite assignments, yet it was pretty cool to see what other people came up with and to see how they are gifted in those areas.

In all honesty, my favorite part about the class was how I did not need a textbook. What made it even better was all the interaction within students. Going out and doing different assignments was pretty cool also. I would not be sure what I would improve about the class, I personally enjoyed it.


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