Last Week- Artist Interview – Troy Rouseville

Walking outside the galleries, I hear a loud banging. I was a drum playing. I was thinking when I walk in someone will be playing the drums. Wasn’t I in for something, the drums were playing themselves. Then I heard and saw the piano playing themselves. moving around the room there was also a record and a guitar the was playing music without the hands of a human or anything. I thought it was really cool, but I also thought how much work it must have taken to make this project actually successful. I’m not exactly sure his “purpose” in creating something like this, but I didn’t get some sense of how technology becomes so advance and we are just left here helpless.

We become so advance in technology that we don’t even need to play the instruments themselves. Yet, that takes away the beauty of music and a musician’s ability to tell a story through an instrument. I don’t think we should let technology overpower that, but I still do admit that it’s pretty cool they can play themselves.

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Last Week- Classmate Interview – Sam Gold

The first thing about Sam Gold that caught my attention was his last name. How cool is that “Gold.” Then I found out that he is a first-year business major who I currently taking Calculus 115. Gold also has a Disney Pass, I am pretty jealous. I have been wanting a Disney Pass this past year, and I live closer than he does. Sam Gold is coming from Northridge, which is about an hour north of where we are. Since he lives so far, it is safe to assume he dorms in Hillside. He explains how sometimes he does get homesick, and only visited home about four times since he has started school here at Long Beach. Although he does attend Long Beach State, his first choice and dream school was UC Santa Barbra.

Yet,  he explained how he is getting involved at Long Beach by joining a Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Si. He will be an official member is the special business frat by the spring semester. He said he joined to gain connections and network in the business world. Gold also used to be on the swim team, did martial arts, baseball, basketball, but can’t play soccer.