The first thing about Sam Gold that caught my attention was his last name. How cool is that “Gold.” Then I found out that he is a first-year business major who I currently taking Calculus 115. Gold also has a Disney Pass, I am pretty jealous. I have been wanting a Disney Pass this past year, and I live closer than he does. Sam Gold is coming from Northridge, which is about an hour north of where we are. Since he lives so far, it is safe to assume he dorms in Hillside. He explains how sometimes he does get homesick, and only visited home about four times since he has started school here at Long Beach. Although he does attend Long Beach State, his first choice and dream school was UC Santa Barbra.

Yet,  he explained how he is getting involved at Long Beach by joining a Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Si. He will be an official member is the special business frat by the spring semester. He said he joined to gain connections and network in the business world. Gold also used to be on the swim team, did martial arts, baseball, basketball, but can’t play soccer.


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