Wk12 – Activity – Teach One

This week I decided to teach someone how to do what I love the most, take pictures. Photography is a great way to portray creativity. There is only so much one can do to be creative through a lens, you would think. My youngest brother who I spend much time with was my little student for this week. Through him, I actually learned a few things myself. Angles, colors and even items you snap pictures of says a lot about your creativity. Photography requires a very open mindset and willingness to “go to extremes” to capture the exact shot you seen in your head. It is much more difficult to transfer and idea from your head, through a lens, and onto a photo. My brother seem to learn that this week, but surprisingly did not have too much trouble with it. I am very impressed with the photos he came back with from this week.

There is not much I can say about my brother’s photography, except that it speaks for itself. I personally think he did a very good job.

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Wk 10- Activity – When I’m Gone

Death is inevitable. This particular assignment was very difficult for me to imagine. I would never want to picture myself leaving this world behind. My family is my life. Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of losing one of my closest family members, my grandfather J. Jesus Macías Nuñez. Death never became more real to me. It was then how I realized there is absolutely no escape to it. I’m not scared to die, but I do wish to leave behind something for my close family and friends to cherish. Like I said, I don’t fear death, but I do wish it came with a warning sign and time for me to make my last arrangements here on earth. Death is too real to me and I did not want to put myself in a situation of actually have to picture myself departing.

For this particular assignment, I could not bring myself to actually do a landscape with a corpse, rather I took photos of what I would want people to do after my passing. My grandfather’s funeral made me realize what a great life he lived. Over 600 cars (literally) arrived to the cemetery to keep my family and I company during one of the most difficult time of our lives. Below my cousin and I are shown sitting next to our grandpa, and you can see not even half of the people that showed up to his burial.


When I pass, I want just as many to show up to my funeral. Yet I know for that to happen, I need to be just as great as he was. He was a great man with a huge heart. He always feared death, but it hit him blindly and did not experience any pain. He is missed dearly.

Some people will cry, be in shock, or maybe even smile that I am gone. I wanted family and those who I loved dearly to come visit me, talk to me, and remember me. Yes, it is selfish, but I just want them to remember I will always be with them. Just like my grandpa is always with me.


For my assignment this week, I decided to photograph the way I would want people to gather in my memory. I want everyone to hold each other closely and I remember I’m not going anywhere. I am just on the other side waiting for them, but watching them every step of their way. If there is a party that they were suppose to host, go on! Don’t cancel the party, they shouldn’t put their lives on pause, because for sure the rest of the world will continue on. They shouldn’t fall behind because of me, I want them to push harder and move forward faster than ever. I want my family to grow even tighter and grow bonds that can not be broken. I don’t want people to look at the sky and say she’s up there watching me. I want people to look next to them and around them because I promised I won’t be far. I want people to continue on in their everyday lives, not because they have moved on and forgotten, but because they have adjusted to the situation. I want everyone to pray for each other and anyone I left behind. Hopefully I’m not being too selfish if I asked them to celebrate my birthday each year, but hopefully they do! I want to talk to them in their dreams if they have in questions for me, just like my grandpa talks to us in ours. For the billions of people that will never meet me, I am just another fallen person without significance to them, and that’s okay. For my family and friends that care, their world may fall apart for a little. I want them to cry all they need to, but not forever, that would break my heart if they couldn’t go on. The last thing I would want to tell everyone is I love them and I’m only a dream away.


Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Marguerite Freed, Yee Li, and Sophia Dao

Marguerite Freed, Yee Li, and Sophia Dao’s pantings all caught my attention. One of the biggest paintings that was in the gallery grabbed my attention the most because of the color. It had different shades of red and looked like an overall magenta to me. Magenta is one of my favorite colors, it’s even the color of my room. I wasn’t sure what to think at first, or at all. It just looked cool to me and I liked the colors. I took pictures of the two that looked similar in color.

After reading her statement, I do come to realize that the paintings to bring some kind of anxious and disruptive feelings. The paintings look like “everywhere” and make you feel a bit nervous and looks like there are many things going on. Honestly, I just liked the colors of the painting and that is why I chose it. It wasn’t as interesting as the other painting of sculpture that i have seen. The ones that are open to interpretation are the ones that always seem to make me think more. Because as soon as I know what the creator intended, it is no longer intriguing.

Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Bryanna Duckwitz

This week I met the lovely Bryanna Duckwits. She initiated the conversation and interview when she asked me if I was in the Art 110 class. My first impression was that she was at least a second year for some reason. Yet, she is a first-year like me also. At first she thought she wanted to major in Kinesiology, but changed her mind like many students. She is now pursuing a career in social work. When she realized how much science was involved in trying to pursue a degree in Kin, that is when she decided to major in something else.

Bryanna told me about her high school experience and we shared some things in common. We both used to live at school. I lived at Artesia high while she lived at Santiago High School. She told me about her experience being involved in ASB, the Hip-Hop dance team and being apart of the sports medicine club at school. That is when she thought she wanted to continue on in some sort of medical and sports field. She seemed to be constantly busy and always running around from one activity to another, and I was able to empathize with her. We were both actively involved with school, but still enjoyed our time.

Now we share the chance of being able to experience the adventures that Long Beach has to offer. Along I live at home, Bryanna was able to leave her Anaheim home and dorm at the Beach. I’m jealous she was able to dorm! She always shared with me that she has two older sister, one older brother, and two younger sisters. She has a big family but I think that’s pretty cool. She also shared how she is spontaneous and I believe her. She gave me the impression that she is a fun and outgoing person that doesn’t say no to adventure. It was nice meeting her this week!


Wk 8 – Activity- ePortfolio

Expressing myself is something very difficult for me sometimes. I have always loved taking photos and being creative behind the camera lens. This week I tried to make my website more “me” by adding some of my favorite photos. For example,he banner at the top of my website is a picture I took of the lighthouse at the Pike in Long beach. I also added an extra page on my website that shows many different photos I have taken. Some of my family and places I have vis

It goes to show that I am more of a person who loves to be behind the camera rather than in front. I attempt to be creative in many ways and looks portray a vision I have in mind. One of my favorite photos is when I visited the Railroad Museum and took a picture of my friend and cousin. I thought that it was a pretty cool way to show where we were and who was present. Photography is something I hope to be able to continue with later on in life.

You can check out more photos at https://vasquezdiana.wordpress.com/photography/

Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Christopher Michael Linquata

I am the type of girl that has to be kept busy, if not I tend to get bored very easily. Walking through the galleries, I literally walked through and past many art works that I am sure took hours to put together. Yet, I was not intrigued at all. It wasn’t until I came across Christopher Michael Linquata’s paintings that I finally stopped. It had so much color and looked very realistic to me. I am not sure what exactly caught my attention the most first. It’s a casual but very colorful painting that I am also took many many hours to start and finish. Of his three paintings I found this one the most interesting because there isn’t much to figure out. It’s so casual and looks like a photo of two random men sitting around and waiting for something. Those are the types of works that catch my attention the most. “What did the artist intend, there has to be more meaning that it just being so straight forward,” I thought. I wish I was able to ask what exactly he painted this picture for. It’s beautiful because of its colors and how vivid it is. The painting makes me think more of the artist train of though rather than how long it took to create the piece itself. I wonder if these two men were real people or just a figure of his imagination. How did he decide the colors and do they reflect in some way of the feelings of the artist, or maybe the two men. Just this simple vivid painting brought up so many questions, but all in all, it is very beautiful.

Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Alonzo Urita

Meeting other first year students is always a pleasure. This has to be one of the activities I enjoy more because I does force me to get to know new people. Reaching out of my comfort zone, I met Alonza Urita, obviously a first-year CSULB student. He is one of the few guys I know that played volleyball in high school. Which I should have seen coming because he is pretty tall, or I’m just really short.. Alonzo shared how he is from South Gate, my first thought was about how far it was. He explained how it is pretty close and how where he lives it borders with Long Beach. Therefore, since it is fairly close, he does commute everyday. Which does not give us both a chance to get very involved with school, although he does plan to join a fraternity next year.

Alonzo shared that he is undeclared, but is going to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. At first he thought he wanted to receive a  degree in Graphic Design, but he thought it through. I believe, if I didn’t misinterpret him, he wanted to get a degree in something that will be able to give him a more secure and promising career. Since Graphic Design is not necessarily in demand, he decided to pursue Mechanical Engineering. In this situation, I was able to relate to him because, as much as I love film and photography, it is not in demand. Switching my major, I also want something that will give me more security for my future. Alonzo was a pleasure to meet!